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Harvest Moon 3 "Farming at its Finest"

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 52 / 58
Date: July 28, 2001
Author: Amazon User

Well all you Harvest Moon fans out there are in for a treat. This fall natsume plans to realese the third Harvest Moon game in the exciting trilogy. With great new features like the ability to marry, new shops and items are available too. Guess what, farming fun is just getting started because there are many new townfolk to interact with as well. Yet another plus for the third outstanding game in this trilogy is, it allows more entertainment on the home front(with more animals to raise ,like horses, and new tools like the horse brush, this game has picked the Natsume standard up a notch.) On top of that the carpenter may have a few suprises for you as well. New areas to explore are a small treat compared to the joy you'll have exploring them. New annual events keep you on your toes(or should I say thumbs,) along with the classics. If you're looking for a game everyone will take in their hearts and love forever, this is the one. Moreover, you can upgrade your gaming experience by playing on the brand spankin' new GAMEBOY ADVANCE! If you're ready to get your hands dirty and dig in to Harvest Moon 3, it just might be your pick of the fall gaming crop!!

The Best Harvest Moon Game Ever

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 29 / 29
Date: December 28, 2001
Author: Amazon User

This is the best harvest moon game ever.I got the game as a Christmas present.You can choose to be a boy or a girl and the other one will be your partner.If you are a boy you can harvest crops,clear fields,water plants and more stuff in the field.If you are a girl you can feed animals,milk cows,sheer sheep,and gather eggs.You have a better farm with two crop fields,A bigger house,Horse,Cow,Chicken and sheep barns,wood shed,shorage shed where you store produce, a spa that you will have to dig,and more.Your house is bigger and has more stuff like two beds,a telephone,a bookshelf where you can read books,and a table.You can buy more stuff for your house like a TV,rugs,a crib,flower pots.You have a better town that you can Talk to people and give them stuff and sometimes they will give you something like a fishing rod.There is a ferry there that takes you to the mainland where to can Buy stuff,watch a movie,Sell your produce at the farmers market,The shopping mall is where you buy your seeds,Home inprovements,Eat at the restarant,buy farm stuff, and more.There is a another store called the Farmers Union and this place sells animals,Grass seeds you can Get a part time job here,
there is a bank where you can put money in and take some out as you need it and this store buys your produce.the telephone in your house is how you sell your produce.And there are more crops like rice and wheat that you can grow.Other places include grasslands where you can Pick berries,chop wood,and you can snowboard here in the winter.other places are the cliff where you can Take your girlfriend on dates and sometime you can get married.The forest is where you can go fishing.And the other place is the mountians but I have not figured it out yet.And One more place on the mainland is a aquarium where you can donate your fish that you catch.And you can go see them.And one more thing. you can Build your own boat.This is a fun fun game and thats why I rate it 5 stars.

I love harvest moon!!!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 20 / 22
Date: July 03, 2002
Author: Amazon User

In this version of harvest moon, an evil corporation is trying to take over the farm. you say you will take care of the farm and you are told that you will have a partner to work with you (depending on whether your a boy or a girl is what your partner will be). The girl take care of the animals, but can also do work in the fields, but isnt as fast as the boy. when you start out as a girl, you have one adult female cow in your barn. dont forget about her or she will die after 3 days of neglect! when you are the boy, you dont have any animals to start with. the girl and the boy have some of the same tools, and some different tools. But best of all, you can get married in this game and have kids! ive heard you can have 2 kids in this game. and unlike harvest moon 64, you can have up to 8 horses of various colors and you can ride all of them! you can have 8 of each animal (sheep, cows, horses, and chickens) and there are new tools you can buy like a mayonaisse maker, cheese maker, sweater maker, yarn maker, and butter maker! and there are new crops like wheat, rice, sweet potatoes, watermelons,asparagus, and many flowers. you can get a part time job at the farmer's union on the mainland, and if you make friends with the fishermen in the village, they will give you your own boat which you can use for sailing, fishing, going to the mainland, and eventually visiting marla the mermaid in her cave.... have fun!!!

Fun? Oh yeah!!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 14 / 14
Date: May 13, 2002
Author: Amazon User

I haven't played any other of the Harvest Moon versions, but I love this one. Choose and name yourself, your partner, and your pet. Begin hard work (that's actually fun!) on the farm in order to earn money for even more seeds and animals. I'm not at this point of the game, yet, but I hear you can marry your partner and even have kids. Plus, you can explore so many places! Gather food in the grasslands, talk to friends in the village, explore the cliff, mountain, and forest. Take the ferry to the mainland and check out the aquarium, movie theater, farmer's union, and shopping mall. Have fun!

An 18 year old avid gamer

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 11 / 11
Date: October 20, 2001
Author: Amazon User

All the Harvest Moon games are great, but this one beats the snes version and the previous two gameboy versions by its many options and items and improved gameplay. You have several more animals you can take care of, and more crops to plant. It also has more in-dept gameplay. The only con is that if you choose to be a girl then your game ends after you get married. At least this happens in the japanese version, so it will mostly likely be true here too. I don't know why this happens and it seems sort of stupid to me, especially since I'm a girl and liked the option of being a girl in the game. But still this is a great game and very addictive!

Wow! The hardest (but still good) HM yet!

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 10 / 10
Date: July 02, 2004
Author: Amazon User

I've been a big fan of the Harvest Moon series all along. But when I came across a used cartridge of this game, I just had to buy it. Harvest Moon is what I would cal; "A whole other door into RPG fun". The idea of raising a farm sounds stupid, but once you play this game- you will be hooked.

Graphics (4/5) If you have played HM2, you'll notice a similarity in the graphics. They are still the same, with small details within the weeds, stones, etc. A good option for this game is that you can choose the farmer's clothes... suiting to your liking of the graphics. I find this system really neat! Overall, the graphics are the standard ones, but I love changing the colors of the outfits!

Controls: (4/5)- Alright, since this is a GBC game, the controls are simple simple simple. Hold B to run, and A to use tools. Its that easy to control your farmer! The only thing is that choosing the tools involves pressing select, then pressing A, then pressing select over the tool you want, then pressing B, and press select to close the menu. Also, you have to hold B and a direction to run, which gets your finger hurting and can damage your GBC/GBA in minutes.

Gameplay (5/5) I find the gameplay in this game just terrific! Farming may not sound so great, right? But it is amazingly addicting!

Also, this game has a big change from the other gameboy games. To start, you can get married to your partner who you were trying to help out. Also, there is a totally different island to go on that is for shopping, watching movies, etc. There are a number of cutscenes, and I like the fact that they mean something- rather than just to have fun.

Crops are another feature that differs from the other games. In HM3GBC , you have a shovel in which you can dig a pond and spring up. You can use this shovel to make waterways in your fields so you can plant the one of a kind crop- rice.

Now animals take the spotlight. A new animal is avalible in this game- a horse. But not just one, but eight of them you can own. This game also offers a unique breeding system. Instead of a miracle potion, you have to put two opposing gendered animals in this corner of your barn. Basically, breeding is free and efficiant to raising a successful farm.

Finally, instead of slowly upgrading your house and starting with furniture, it is the other way around. You buy furniture for a huge house... but at a costly price. In this game, you gotta work hard to succeed, or else you will fail.

Replayability- (3/5) Most Harvest Moon games have great replay value. However, this game wouldnt have what I consider "hours of replay". There are tons of upgrades for your house and everything, but once you get all of the upgrades, the idea of farming is useless. What does the money go to? Buying seeds. Where do the seeds go? In the bin to make a profit. When you have everything, though, what is the use of a profit.

Overall-(4/5) Overall this game is worth every penny. With over 50 new features, this game is a total blast. I would highly recommend this for long car trips, as the gameplay lasts for 30+ hours. If you ever see this game on amazon or at another retailor, pick it up. This game is VERY VERY rare and hard to find nowadays, as very few copies were made. For those of you who haven't played the series, and are looking for a challenge, get this game for sure!


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 10 / 11
Date: April 08, 2002
Author: Amazon User

Has the same fun level as all the other Harvest Moon games. Beautiful colors and great locations. Here are my favorite things about the game.

-Great animals
-Personalized Clothes and pets!
-Boy and girl versions avalible
-Island and mainland areas
-Go relax. See a movie or take a stroll through the Aquarium.
-Buy new tools and two new crops, wheat and rice!
-Hours of replay time and a whole lotta' fun on long trips.

I recommend Harvest Moon 3 for children 6+ because of many reading areas and nonstop fun for us old kids!

Rucksack full of Gems

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 7 / 7
Date: November 29, 2001
Author: Amazon User

I've been a Harvest Moon fan for quite some time. I became addicted to HM64, was somewhat disappointed with HM for GBC, saw a glimmer of hope with HM2 for GBC, and now am blown away by HM3.
The story is a little different than what was originally posted..this time around, you start right where you finished on the farm in HM2, then the mayor begs you to help on another farm that belonged to a friend of his that passed away. The child of his friend (the opposite of the sex you pick for your character) needs your help running the farm, and works with you. There's more people to interact with, the world is much larger than in the previous games, and some advanced planning is needed to get the job done. All of your seeds are bought in a store on the mainland, and the ferry only goes there 2 days a week (less if it's raining or snowing). Along with the standard animals, you can now raise race horses, and your rucksack can carry all of your tools, seeds, and alot of produce. The nicer you are to your partner, the more work they'll do for you - and they may even ask you to give up your old farm and marry them! With new pets to choose from, a mall to shop in and see all of your old friends from some of the previous games, and a lot of extra-money side jobs to do for the Farmers' Co-Op, this is one of the best HM titles yet.

Pretty Good!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 6 / 6
Date: April 25, 2004
Author: Amazon User

Harvest Moon one had a failure which rested in the tool system. Sometimes you would lose your tools and couldn't get them back. Harvest Moon 2 was okay but I never got into it that much.

This game is fantastic and blows away the other two. You now can raise 32 animals at a time. 8 cows, 8 horses, 8 chickes, and 8 sheep. If you are the girl your job is to do the animals while the boy works, or, if your the boy, you till the soil while the girl does the animal stuff. You can also do some minigames and build relationships with people in town.

There are problems with this game. The major one is that you need to build up your relationship with the girl or the boy(depending on the one you are) to have them do work. I'm the boy right now and the girl doesn't do much unless you give her items that you harvest. Once you do give more she will become much better but at first she is rather useless. I tried the girl and the same thing happens. The boy is too lazy to clear the field. He removes basically a rock and gives up. In time he gets better but it takes exactly that, time.

This is a good game. It gets fun and you have plenty of years to accomplish your goals. 5 stars!

A great Harvest Moon game

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 5 / 5
Date: October 13, 2002
Author: Amazon User

This is probably the best Harvest Moon game I've ever played. I had HM1(harvest moon) HM3 and the N64 Harvest Moon, but this one was probably the most enjoyable.
Most people who hear about this series are like, "A farming game? You're kidding, right?" But it really is fun and addictive. This game is fun, unlike any other type of game that you look back at after you've spent over 50 hours of your life playing and think, "Why did I play that? I had a ton of things that I coulda been doing istead," but this one is worth it. I think that this one (HM3) has an advantage over the platform ones like "Save the Homeland" and HM64 by letting you actually choose whether you are a boy or girl.
You get to have your very own farm with sheep, horses, cows, and chickens. The girl mainly takes care of the animals and the boy does the crops.
They both can feed the animals and gather eggs and work in the fields. If you leave your chickens outside overnight, they sometimes get eaten and all you find is a feather. How cruel!
The only big disatvantage of being the girl is that the game ends when you get married. For the boy, you can keep going forever and have two kids. The boy's tools can get upgraded as he uses them more, which in my opinion is slightly unfair. For example, instead of only being able to hoe one square, he can do three suqares to sow crops on as it gets upgraded. If you play the girl, you can tell the boy to work in certain areas, but at first you end up doing more than half the work yourself if you want it done right. If you're playing the girl, never let the boy plant seeds because he wastes them on places where he hasn't hoed.
Most descriptions of the game say that it's great how you can get married, but it makes your game end for the girl, but not the boy which is totally unfair. (I thought that needed to be restated)
It is nice, however, how you can even catch lots of different types of fish and travel to places like the woods.
This game is probably worth buying if you can find it at a pretty good price, or if you have already played harvest moon. Get this game if you like animals or farms or outdoors, or ANYTHING because it is really fun and lasts a long time.
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is totally cool as well, much better in almost every aspect compared to the N64 version, although they're both very good.

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