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Perfect for my 6 year old boy!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 7 / 9
Date: January 18, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I read mixed reviews of Hot Wheels for the Wii, but I'm glad I ignored the negative reviews. My 6 year old boy just loves the game and it provides enough challenge so his dad can enjoy racing against him. Game play is easy to pick up with the Wii remote and we've had fun unlocking different games. The one negative is that you can only unlock games in single player mode rather than two player mode.

In summary, this game is great for father-son bonding!

My 5 year old likes it

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 7 / 11
Date: December 12, 2007
Author: Amazon User

We had Hot Wheels Velocity-X on the PC and enjoyed it. Hot Wheels Beat That on the Wii doesn't have the same level of replayability as that old game. The environments (bowling alley, bedroom, etc.) are neat, but the novelty wears off quickly. The different cars have similar physics with a different shell unlike Velocity-X where the cars really "felt" different.

Overall, a fun game, but not as good as its predecessor.

Great Game!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 5 / 7
Date: January 31, 2008
Author: Amazon User

We bought this for my husband and 5 yr old son. They love it. We have had for a couple weeks and thats all my son wants to play. I can't stay on the track, but my son wins first all time! lol! Great game, i recommend it!

Great game for the little ones!!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 3 / 3
Date: June 10, 2008
Author: Amazon User

[ASIN:B000TG72RE Hot Wheels: Beat That]]
We bought this game for our 3 year old son. We were looking for a racing game without profanity, blood, etc. and Hot Wheels Beat That only has weapons that slow down the opponents without blood and gore. At first we thought he wouldn't take to playing the game or it would be too difficult for his age, but it took him less than a month of watching us play before he picked up the joypad himself and started playing. After that, he mastered the races in another month. We unlocked all the events and races for him on single player mode and we all play with him on multiplayer. He beats us all (no letting him win anymore) and he loves the drift, draft and jump features of the game. He not only has the highest points in the family, he's already beaten the resident expert in video games (his dad). One thing our son discovered that we don't like much about the game is that sometimes he can make his car jump off the board. The race continues below you while your car floats in the air accumulating points for jumping. You have to quit the event and start it again and you lose your points. It also has a good replay value, because you can open shortcuts that shave off precious seconds of your race time, especially in the eliminator races. Overall, it's a great game for little ones. If you're looking for good, clean, car racing fun, this is the game you want.

Not as little-kid friendly as hoped for

2 Rating: 2, Useful: 2 / 2
Date: August 25, 2008
Author: Amazon User

This game is not as little-kid friendly as I was hoping for. While the cars are great and appealing for my 5-year-old son and 3 1/2-year-old twin sons, they had a hard time controlling the cars around the courses and accomplishing the goals. All three of them were frustrated trying to play it. It definitely wasn't those "pick up and play" games. Mario Kart is a far better choice for both little-kids and us adults, and for those looking for an easier "pick up and play" game.

Don't Buy!

2 Rating: 2, Useful: 0 / 3
Date: June 11, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I rented this game from Blockbuster, thank goodness. The idea was alright, graphics average but the controls were awful and sluggish! It didn't seem to matter which car you picked because they all drove the same.


2 Rating: 2, Useful: 0 / 1
Date: July 13, 2008
Author: Amazon User

I purchased this game for my 5 year old son and he has played it twice. It was a waste of my money as he is finding it difficult to operate the game. I would not recommend this game for the (wii).

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