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Fun and Exciting!

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 15 / 15
Date: June 08, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I loved playing the board version of Life as a child and enjoy it on my PC too! What I like most about this game is the versatility when it comes to options. You can either see the goofy animation (while getting married, driving around, etc...) or you can choose to turn it off. I also like the fact that you can choose which version you want to play.

Having no children of my own, I opted to take it to work with me and put it on the PC at work (I teach school...I hope I didn't break any laws! :-) ) Everyday, my students dispersed to various classrooms to do their ritualistic, mundane computer time. Because of the numbers, a few were always left behind without a computer. (I had one main multi-media PC which had Life on it.) I can tell you, without hesitation, that children tried to "hide" to avoid going to computer time in order to remain in my classroom to play Life. Sometimes I found myself playing alongside my second graders!

Out of all the animated games I have seen thus far, Life is the best!

This game's cute and fun

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 14 / 14
Date: November 16, 1999
Author: Amazon User

I enjoy the board game LIFE, but this was even better. Along with the regular aspect of the game, there are cute mini-puzzles and great animation which makes this a worthwile buy.

Fun And Great Animation

5 Rating: 5, Useful: 13 / 15
Date: December 27, 1999
Author: Amazon User

This game is really much better than the board game. The Animation is really great, and the game is really fun. The animations are really funny too. The "enchanced" version might not be the real way to play it but it's lots of fun revenging some one. I really recommend this game to alot of people.

Great Adaptation!

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 9 / 9
Date: December 04, 2003
Author: Amazon User

I've always loved the board game version of "Life" - I played it hundreds of times with my family while I was growing up. The computer game version stuck to the board game as closely as possible. You spin the wheel exactly like the board game, your little car moves around just like the board game (they even copied the board almost exactly!).

It's pretty fun - I've played it a few dozen times and really enjoyed it. I wish that when you are generating your character there were a few more options (your character choices are EXTREMELY limited), but that is the only real fault I could find with the game.

The graphics are cartoonish - but it fits! Whenever you land on a spot, there is a short little clip showing what happened to you - these are pretty funny! Overall, it's a cute game. It would be perfectly acceptable for kids too - there is nothing bad in the game at all! Since its so cheap, I definitely recommend getting it and playing around, especially if you're a fan of the board game!

I love this game!

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 11 / 13
Date: November 21, 1999
Author: Amazon User

This game is so much better than the original. The "Life's Little Games" make the sometimes-boring game a lot more entertaining. And most of the square animations are funny!

Classic board game is animated

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 8 / 8
Date: September 14, 2002
Author: Amazon User

When you first start this game you can see that it is strickly fun. Each space has either a short animated movie attached to it or a pop up screen with some funny . Most spaces have a still frame that pops up that is read by a pre-recorded voice. Each frame has some funny comment. There are a few spaces that have a short computer generated video attached to it instead of a still frame.

Each player chooses his or her character and car. The cars move across the board through a series of time periods. The game board starts in the 1950s and continues to the year 2000. Each decade is accompanied with its own theme music.

What I like best about computer generated board games (like life)is that the computer moves you game piece(I.E. car) and keeps track of your earnings.

Good game, Good graphics, But gets boring

3 Rating: 3, Useful: 12 / 17
Date: June 30, 2000
Author: Amazon User

Game of Life is a great game, but unfortunately it gets boring after playing it for just a couple of times. The 3-D cartoons that run during the game are a nice, cute addition, but after seeing them the first or second time, you want to choose the option to turn them off. It is also nice that after you spin the animated spinner on the game, it looks as if you are driving the car on the board to the space that you have spun. As your car drives around the board, the years change from 1950-2000. And as the years change, so does the style of the cars and the type of music. Another big point of the game is that it is not really very fun to play against a computer player because when you play with another real person, you can interact with him. In my opinion the game isn't worth buying because you will only play it for a few times.


2 Rating: 2, Useful: 11 / 16
Date: November 19, 1999
Author: Amazon User

The folks who did so well with Monopoly disappoint here. The animation quality is fine; that's not the problem. The game is filled with movies which interrupt and comment on the play; they are very bad jokes and we shut them off pretty quickly. An alternate version of the "classic" game includes shooting gallery-type mini-games for bonus points, but the games doen't respond properly to the mouse, so accurate aim is impossible. After a few plays, I passed this along.

Get lucky in the game...

4 Rating: 4, Useful: 6 / 6
Date: December 11, 2000
Author: Amazon User

I've always thought the board version of Life was just a little too long. With four or five people playing, it gets really boring really quickly. Then we found this version! The graphics are wonderful, the characters are a nice addition (my favourite being the suave fellow in the top right corner), and the new features in the embellished version are incredibly fun. More than just spinning the spinner over and over! But, as others have said, it does get boring after several times through. Do buy it, but don't over-play it. And when buying a house - this may just be a bug on my version, but for some reason the money spent never actually gets taken...


5 Rating: 5, Useful: 5 / 5
Date: December 07, 2000
Author: Amazon User

Hi, I got this game last January for my birthday! I play all the time! It is really fun. You get to pick from differant players, name them. Go throght differant years from 1960-2000 and hear differant music. You also get to choose how many people to play with this. If you are looking for a good computer game, i suggest this one. I hope I helped!

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