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If you want ExVeemon,MetalGreymon,and Stingmon...the only way to get them is choose the second pack.
You can get R-Booster 01 by having 23 Booster 1b.

At the level 5 you get champion, 20 you get ultimate, and 40 you get MegaUltimate.

If you want your digimon got the ultimate form before you find seiryu city you can train your Digimon at the Plug cape,(west from central park)of course until your Digimon reach level 20.

After you defeat coelamon(at the Plug cape)you can get water chip..keep trying until you get it.

You need TNT ball to continue your journey.. then defeat Triceramon at the Plug cape(he was uphill)

Go to the plug cape and go down, you will see a boy kicking a tree, and then you must have tree boots to kick the tree (to find cardmon). Then find the gabumon card at Asuka inn (go downstairs)and give the gabumon card to the boy at the plug cape. After that go to lamb chop and talk to the lady near the front door, she will say veemon is at the wind prairie. Veemon will hide in the kicking forest. You can find Veemon south after you go inside kicking forest.

Find Numenon:
When you have much better digimons, go to the Ether Jungle and then the Shrine. There you will find numemon which give you 222 exp and much bits. But warning, it will attack you. Not very hard but it will reduce your def everytime it attacks you.

Training tips:
Before going to the east sector station you will need to train up in order to battle the powerful bulbmon. Go to plug cape near the shore to meet up with the colemon and battle it, you will receive 40 exp, the most giving exp for the time being. Also you can go to the trynno valley to battle the trynnomon or the tircermon getting 30++ exp. When you get all your digimon to lvl 14-16 the bulbmon will be "chicken feet" also, later in the game it will be more easy..

Fighting Tips:
To defeat all bosses easily (even a rookie digimon with level 25 can complete this game) bring alot of super charge, power charge and a lot of life disk. The important is to EQUIP your digimon with strong equpiments and THE MOST IMPORTANT EQUIPMENT (this is a must equip equipment)COUNTER CRESS! As it will counter the same amount of damage cause by your target back to him.

DNA Digivolve:
To DNA digivolve with any of the teams you need:
Team 1 - Hookmon and Greymon.
Team 2- Kyubimon and Dinohumon.
Team 3- Grizzmon and Growlmon.
Teams 1 and 2 become a weird digimon with hair like Goku, and team 3 becomes Cybergarurumon.

Get Paildramon:
You must DNA Digivolve ExVeemon & Stingmon at level 50 to get Paildramon.

Get the Fishing Rod:
First you Must fight with Dokugumon at the Protocol forest until you get Spider web. Then you must help the Divermon at Divermon's lake and the last all you have to do is buy a bamboo spear from Asuka Shop. After that go to Shell Beach (South of Central park) and talk to oldman there and he will make you a Fishing Rod.

Find Veemon:
After talking to Veemon at wind prairie, after you enter the kicking forest, Veemon will be to your left. You won't be able to see him because a tree is in the way, but you don't have to walk down that far at all, he's pratically at the entrance.

Find ETEMON'S mic:
To find the mic that belongs to the 4th etemon in duel island in amertarasu server, go to asuka plug cape and go into the lower hole. Keep heading north. Ignore the Renamon on your way which says that there is a dead end. There is a dead end but BK agumon is there. Defeat him in a Card Battle(he is hard) and he will tell you his master has it. Go to amertarasu central park and go to the hole among the trees. Find his master and defeat him in a card battle and he will give the mic. Return it to etemon and he will card battle you.

Find BK WarGrowlmon:
Go to the dum dum factory in Atmeratsu server and go to were Hiandromon was in asuka. BK WarGrowlmon is there.

Find Mastertrannomon:
Go to the top of Tranno Valley and Mastertrannomon will be there.

* Once you have beaten someone at card battle, you can battle them as many more times as you want and get free booster packs!
* When Dinohumon (Pack 2-Kotemon's first digivolution) gets to about level 28, he learns small heal. It uses hardly any MP and cures a lot of HP.
* When you get the blue card (after a lot of speaking to various guilmons) beware that it is a fake.
* Sukamon isn't ALL bad. If u raise its stats you can get etemon!